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Our WHMCS Billing System

Our WHMCS Billing System was compromised on Monday here is the full story. Hacking Expose!: Fake Facebook pull-down tricks social climbers … We can’t guarantee that vulns received on the email contact at hacking.expose[at]gmail[dot]com have not already been used for malicious purposes prior to our posting them on our website and we are not to […]

Our Campaign Launched

We are really excited to introduce our Ring Central campaign today. We hope you will contact us to schedule an appointment. Please don’t mark our emails as SPAM I promise you Elliot and Tony are not SPAM we have you our email contacts and was hoping you didn’t mind hearing about our company. But certainly […]

True wireless coverage coming

In conjunction with the uncertainty of Clear Wireless Corporation |(CLWR) LightSquard is emerging as the top player in providing affordable wholesale wireless technology to the entire market but especially the rural market that makes up about 28% of untapped market base. [Fact Sheet] LightSquard: “LightSquared is building the nation’s first integrated wireless broadband and satellite […]