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Sprint Will Shut Down Clear/4G WiMAX Network by 2015


clear-logo_OUTSprint Will Shut Down Clear/4G Services this year. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Today we received our letters of termination of services. While they try and make it sound as though we are a valued customer, we seem to in fact be a nuisance. Yes there are much faster services out there problem is, as a small business mostly a 1-2 man operation (part-time at best) when we need Internet services from Time-Warner or Cincinnati-Bell we are treated like we are some BIG business and get charged with HIGH connection service charges. And in fact the services they provide for our “small” office is sub-par services (slow, slow speeds) when compared to my home office services. My electric bill receives a sure charge just for being a business as well as all other basic services we might need. One of the main reasons so many people have home office space is because of these ridiculous charges in small office space (less than 300 sq.ft) like CMC office centers. In actuality we are in a small space that is just an apt without bedrooms or kitchens. We have had ClearWireless for about 5 years, when we started using ClearWireless we even stood behind the product and sold it, only to be shut out of that re-seller opportunity early in 2011. Now this year they are finally shutting our services off where we have been a good loyal customer for nearly 5 years. I can’t help but wonder is this the result of “Net Neutrality”? are they cutting us off because the big3 don’t want consumers having access to unlimited plans? This looks like the days when long distance carriers charged a premium for long distance services and companies like MCI bought long distance at whole sale prices and sold it for cheap. Once the those companies milked that for all it was worth they moved on to some other business to screw the consumer in some other other way. When we contacted ClearWireless support they were less than helpful and had NO referral or advice or direction for us, other than to say contact Sprint or Google “wireless services” and find a new plan.

Dear Valued CLEAR/Clearwire Customer,

You are receiving this notice because our records show you are subscribed to services on the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network or Clearwire Expedience network. Sprint is in the process of implementing major enhancements to the Sprint 4G LTE Network, including the deployment of Sprint Spark, an enhanced LTE network capability, by repurposing the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network. As a valued customer, we are providing you formal notice that Sprint will cease operating the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network on November 6, 2015 at 12:01AM EST.

What this means to you:

• Sprint will no longer support CLEAR 4G WiMAX and Clearwire Expedience devices or services.
• Your CLEAR 4G WiMAX and Clearwire Expedience devices and services will no longer work,
including your ability to contact 9-1-1.
• You should not return your device(s).

To discuss your options or learn more, please call 1-888-888-3113.

Thank you for your business.
CLEAR/Clearwire Wireless

Here is the crap they are trying to convince you of with innovative Internet commercial ad:

WiMAX was the first 4G network in the United States, launching first in Baltimore in the fall of 2008. Sprint customers were offered the HTC Evo 4G smartphone to access WiMAX’s faster speeds. Separately, Clearwire marketed access to WiMAX as a wireless home and business broadband solution. WiMAX was often promoted as a longer distance alternative to Wi-Fi, and was initially capable of 30-40Mbps speeds

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